Course Description

Quickbooks 101 teaches how to make the most of your accounting software. I'll guide you through everything you need to know to be successful with Quickbooks Online.

If you are intimidated to use Quickbooks and have yet to set it up, this class is for you. If you already have it set up and find it confusing, this is class if for you. If you aren't making the most of your Quickbooks, this class is for you.

I make it easy-peasy.

This course is made up of 8 classes that you can do at your own pace. (Scroll down for the curriculum.) You'll have access to all classes for 6 months from when you purchase and can work at your own speed.

WELCOME! Let's get going!

Owner & Lead Instructor, Sage Wedding Pros

Michelle Loretta

The way that money flows thru a business makes sense to me. My history at accounting firm Deloitte, running my own wedding stationery business, and consulting wedding and event businesses on finances for the last 8 years gives me a unique perspective in the industry. I get how to make the money work. AND - I LOVE IT. I love digging into the numbers and fixing things so that a business owner can see more profits.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Class 1: Introduction & Company Setup

    • Introduction

    • Navigating Quickbooks

    • How to Connect a Bank Account/Feed

    • Connect Your Bank Account (Download Instructions)

    • Getting Bank Accounts to Align with Beginning Date

    • Check Your Beginning Bank Balances (Download Instructions)

    • Setting Up a Paypal Bankfeed

    • Quickbooks Payments? Merchant Fee Comparison Chart

    • FAQs - Getting Started

  • 2

    Class 2: Chart of Accounts

    • Introduction

    • About the Chart of Accounts

    • Chart of Accounts Template

  • 3

    Class 3: Invoicing & Sales Tax

    • Introduction to Quickbooks Invoicing

    • About Quickbooks Invoicing (versus what you may use)

    • Merchant Fee Comparison Chart (Download Chart)

    • How to Invoice Clients

    • Accessing and Editing Your List of Products & Services

    • Collecting Sales Tax

    • FAQs - Invoicing

  • 4

    Class 4: Recording Transactions

    • Introduction to Recording Transactions

    • Recording Expenses

    • Recording Sales Transactions

    • Recording Bank Transfers

    • Recording Honeybook, Paypal, Stripe, etc (thru your main bank acct)

    • Recording Paypal Transactions (if you have it set up as a feed)

    • Making Manual Entries

    • The All-Encompassing Paypal Guide!

  • 5

    Class 5: Recording Assets, Debt, Equity

    • Introduction to Assets, Debt, and Equity Transactions

    • Recording Assets

    • Recording Debt

    • Recording Equity

    • About Guaranteed Payments

  • 6

    Class 6: Reports

    • Introduction to Reports

    • The Profit & Loss Report

    • The Balance Sheet Report

  • 7

    Class 7: Journal Entries, Reconciliations, and Miscellany

    • Introduction to Miscellany

    • Recording Journal Entries

    • Bank Reconciliations

  • 8

    Class 8: Review & Monthly Checklist

    • Introduction to the Quickbooks Monthly Checklist

    • Quickbooks - Monthly Accounting Checklist

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