Accounting 101

Money Matters for Wedding Professionals | taught by Michelle Loretta

Course description

Accounting 101 teaches the fundamental steps to better understand how your business is performing financially. At the end of the course, you'll understand how your finances work and how to create a more profitable wedding business.

Note: this course is now running from March 13 through May 5th. You're welcome to join the class and catch up on the last few classes. OR - sign up here to be notified for the next class:

Michelle Loretta
Michelle Loretta
Owner & Lead Instructor, Sage Wedding Pros

The way that money flows thru a business makes sense to me. My history at accounting firm Deloitte, running my own wedding stationery business, and consulting wedding and event businesses on finances for the last 8 years gives me a unique perspective in the industry. I get how to make the money work. AND - I LOVE IT. I love digging into the numbers and fixing things so that a business owner can see more profits.

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